Our Sweet Story

Joned Rahadian
Hi, welcome to SWEET 60 SECONDS! If you are reading this, it means you are curious about us and you might be wondering if this store is legit. Well, good news for you, the short answer is YES.


My name is Joned Rahadian and I am the owner of this online shop. I am 29 year-old male from Indonesia. You may check my Instagram and Facebook account to see that I am a very much real person. 
I love painting and travelling around the world. I like having noodles as my dinner. My favorite animal are peacock and fairy penguin.  
I started Sweet 60 Seconds as watch is my passion and I enjoy every moment of it. There are hard times, but most of them are fun and happy moment.

My Sweet Philosophy 

I believe everybody deserve to wear a high-quality watch without spending too much fortune. Watch is not only about function, but it is also part of fashion and it should be fun. As your ultimate extension of your identity, watch is one of your way to express yourself. I know the watches I sell are not Rolex or AP but my elegance has nothing to do with price. Rolex is good but it's for old men. And just between us, I know you wouldn't wear expensive watch on any street where thieves will be lurking at you and ready to snatch it. 

My Sweet Way of Work

I hand-picked every watch and put them into this store. I only choose products from reliable suppliers to make sure you as my customer will be satisfied. Just in case you are not satisfied of our service, you may get refund TWICE of your earlier purchase. So for example, you bought a piece of watch for $10 (very cheap, right?) but somehow you receive broken product and thus want a refund. I will then give you $20 coupon code so that you can buy anything else on the store. This is to prove that customer satisfaction is my first and foremost thing in my mind.


Shopify secure badge
I also make sure this site is secured for online shopping. You probably are afraid of your credit card data being stolen. I know your concern. That's why I use Shopify as my platform to ensure 99% uptime and 24/7 monitoring. The check out process is handled by third party such as PayPal and 2checkout to ensure your credit card data is safe. I will not know your CVV number and nobody will except you. The site is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, the highest level security certification and using 256-bit SSL Certificate to establish secure encrypted connection between your computer (or phone) to our server. We are using same level security used by banks. You can check the badges on bottom-left corner.
Last but not least, I thank you for visiting my shop. I am open for suggestions, critics, or if you have any other questions, you can chat with me or send message through contact form
Happy Shopping!
Sweet 60 Seconds